Oleeo Intelligent Selection

Pinpoint Your Talent Instantly

Intelligent Selection harnesses machine learning algorithms to make prescriptive recommendations using the evidence of abilities, competencies, skills & experience - as provided through thousands of data points including those found in test scores, CVs/resumes,and application form answers without bias. It helps recruiters make better informed decisions in a fraction of the time and hire even faster based on predictive scoring and prescriptive recommendations that measure skills, cultural fit, offer acceptance probability and probable retention.

Proactively identify high scoring candidates who should be advanced to interview or assessment stages, starting with your existing selection framework and then incorporating all of your selection tools & data. Enhance conversions and preserve ideal representations of hires versus applicants. Foster diversity ensuring no adverse selection and deliver regulatory compliance to laws such as GDPR in the EU and EEOC in the US. 

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Fill hard to fill roles by widening your talent pool

Oleeo Intelligent Selection lets you break the source of talent wide open, increasing the number of sources by around 50%.

Incorporates all your existing selection tools & data

Oleeo Intelligent Selection incorporates all your existing selection tools & data to make its recommendations: Tests & video scores, CV/Resume data, application form responses, competency questions and interview/assessment scores.

Instant Candidate Recommendations

Within the product, candidates are scored based on a tailored algorithm on all the key indicators of success you're looking for to help streamline your selection processes. At-a-glance summaries show all candidates scored using a five star quality recommendation to put forward to interview, screen or reject.

Diversity compliance built in

Ensure no disparate impact and stay in compliance with established EEOC selection rates. Monitor anonymized data insights on gaps in diversity pools and focus attraction efforts on obtaining better representation without sacrificing quality.

Insights reports to improve selection & retention

Intelligent Selection insights reports drive continuous improvement monitoring diversity, quality, speed and selection effectiveness in real time. Identify conversions of hires from applicants or rank by data points to learn what are your strongest and weakest predictors.

Build advocacy with high potential candidates

Identify the percentage of candidates that are recommended to be instantly interviewed, rejected or screened. Focus engagement efforts with this community to ensure they are kept warm and will feel aligned to the company EVP.

We have a had a flawless experience with the Oleeo team. They're responsive and attentive to our needs.

Imad Khoury // National Director of Talent Acquisition, CohnReznick


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