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Great Patient Care Starts with Great Recruiting

Designed to help the NHS overcome critical workforce shortages, Oleeo's Recruiting Enablement platform leverages data and machine learning to reduce the administrative burden on recruiters. Enabling task automation, flexible workflow configuration, and bulk processing, Oleeo is proven to improve both speed and qualify of hire. Our accreditations include:


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Our expertise helps talent acquisition teams overcome some of their most pressing challenges:

Lengthy Application Processes

Pre-built application templates, Intelligent automation and bulk processing tools free recruiters speed up the hiring process irregardless of high application volume. Oleeo's prescriptive recommendations help recruiters see the highest quality candidates instantly.

Higher Compliance Standards

Regularly audited to meet industry and government standards, Oleeo ensures the tightest, up-to-date security measures are implemented and monitored using regular security audits, compliance checks and protection of sensitive data. We are accredited to ISO-27001 standards.

Competitive Employment Brand

The highly competitive healthcare industry requires talent acquisition teams to compete on more than salary and location. Compete for their attention and engage diverse talent with content that speaks to the values and culture of your brand through branded career sites, hiring events and ongoing nurturing campaigns.

Limited Diversity & Inclusion

Remove bias and unleash the potential of more diverse teams. Oleeo delivers an evidence-based method to identify and remove unconscious bias in recruiting that has many healthcare companies ignoring or accidentally discriminating against qualified, diverse candidates. With the ability to tap more sources, you can improve diversity and connect with untapped potential before the competition does.


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Oleeo offers us a good solution that has the data security, accessibility and the flexibility we need. We can spec out what we want the system to do for us and from that training and assistance will be provided to help ensure we are hiring the very best workers to make a significant and positive difference to the lives of the people we support.

Katherine Wainwright // Head of Human Resources, Turning Point Scotland