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Virtual Recruiting

Power your virtual recruiting strategy

Virtual recruiting isn’t just the new normal: it’s a recruiting strategy that can maximize your results while managing your costs. But how can you go virtual -- at scale -- without disrupting recruiting processes and the candidate experience?

Oleeo’s Recruiting Enablement platform lets you turn interviews into virtual meetings in an instant, in a batch or one at a time. Use Oleeo’s virtual interview solution or your own: Oleeo integrates with the leading video interviewing and virtual career fair solutions.

Booking lots of interviews? Oleeo automates this otherwise burdensome task, letting candidates pick interview times based on recruiter specifications. Oleeo also automates the gathering of hiring manager feedback via Oleeo’s mobile app, making it easy to keep the process going, regardless of location.

Ready to make an offer? Go paperless with Oleeo’s e-offers and e-contracts, and manage a virtual onboarding task list.

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A financial services employer reduced their time to administer virtual assessments by as high as 40% with Oleeo.
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With Oleeo, the average time to hire is now between 10 and 12 weeks and the council has reduced its ad spend by a sixth already.

Steve Brooks // Team Manager – Projects, Business & Recruitment, Nottinghamshire County Council