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Inclusive Diversity

Make D&I your differentiator

Recent survey results found that 90% of companies are concerned with reducing bias in recruiting. Yet, when asked what steps they take to do this, most said none, beyond employee training. How can you expand the diversity of your talent pools, create a more inclusive recruiting process, remove human bias from candidate selection, and make D&I your strategic edge?

Oleeo’s Recruiting Enablement platform  leverages data and automation, enabling you to hardwire D&I into your recruiting strategy, moving the needle in D&I. With Oleeo, gain insights into your baseline in D&I, de-gender job postings, remove bias from candidate selection, and create inclusive candidate experiences.

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Oleeo empowers employers to improve diversity of overall hires by up to 30%
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Inclusive Diversity in Hiring

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Creating bias-free job postings with Oleeo



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Our multi-pronged and intentional diversity efforts, with help from Oleeo, have diversified the candidate pool and have educated students on the opportunities that exist and their attainability.

Erica Arden // Manager, Diversity & Campus Programs, NBCUniversal Media