Recruitment Processing

Increase your revenue, lower your costs.

In today’s market, RPOs are challenged to meet the diverse needs of their clients more efficiently and effectively. Managing varied recruitment processes for many clients, protecting profit margins, expanding client revenue -- these are just a few of the challenges top of mind with RPOs.

The Oleeo Recruiting Enablement platform is the solution of choice for leading RPOs. With the unique ability to allow you to either create one ATS instance for use by all your clients or create instant copies of one ATS (including integrations!) for each client, Oleeo delivers unmatched flexibility in how you manage your client systems. At the same time, Oleeo enables you with new revenue streams, giving you the ability to offer new services and solutions to clients -- from Intelligent Selection to Diversity Insights to Intelligent Writing and more.

Oleeo, your partner in recruitment processing

Operate more efficiently

Reduce your team’s administrative workload, delivering services to clients more efficiently.With Oleeo, automate and streamline steps across the recruiting process -- from attracting and engaging to selection and hiring. This includes automating interview management and enabling self-scheduling, using Oleeo’s AI-enabled solutions for selection, job post writing, and scoring of assessments.

Accelerate your revenue growth

Set up new client systems and job applications rapidly, getting to new revenue sooner. With Oleeo, create a master system and then simply copy it (and its integrations!) for each client, setting up a new client in less than 24 hours. Login to the master system to see all your client systems and make configuration changes.

Create new revenue streams

Offer new services to clients.With Oleeo, offer additional value to clients with solutions, such as AI-enabled Intelligent Selection, Intelligent Job Posting, Intelligent Writing, and Intelligent Assessment Scoring, or tools like Diversity Insights and Intern Management.

Support your clients’ unique recruiting needs at scale

Manage the end-to-end recruiting process for all clients from one system, configured for each client.With Oleeo, leverage deep configurability to provide a complete solution to clients, tailored and branded to meet their individual needs.

Make Diversity and Inclusion your differentiator

Deliver differentiated value to your clients, meeting their D&I needs. With Oleeo, leverage D&I tools to attract more gender-diverse candidates, remove bias from selection processes, engage diverse candidates with specific content, and gain data-driven insights into the state of diversity in the recruiting pipeline and how to improve it.


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